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The Reason She’s Smiling Could Be You.

ZEE Engineering is a strong supporter of charity, and helping the underprivileged.

The Children’s Education Support Fund

The Children’s Education Support Fund was founded by ZEE. Its primary objective is to extend assistance in the form of aid to Sri Lanka to recover from the disastrous war and terrorist atrocities which ravaged the island for three decades.

The student aid fund carries out the following activities;

  • Assist in the education of university students by providing trainings and internships.
  • Building infrastructure such as sports and recreational facilities.
  • Granting full scholarships to needy students.

ZEE allocates a portion of profits to this charity and granting internships for students in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Below: The Foundation awarding 10 full scholarships to primary school children in Sri Lanka, along with 40 stationery packs.


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