PT. ZEE Indonesia



  • Pipeline design to various codes including DnV 1981, FS101, ASME, API, Australian,
  • Develop Design Basis,
  • Develop Route selection criteria, and carry out selection of pipeline route,
  • Develop specifications for geo-technical and geo-physical field survey,
  • Carry out pipeline hydraulic sizing,
  • Carry out wall thickness sizing and material selection,
  • Carry out Stability analysis to determine the weight coat thickness and grade. Trenching requirements,
  • Carry out Stress and vortex-shedding based analysis to determine the allowable minimum span and Fatigue analysis,
  • Carry out Pipeline crossing design,
  • Carry out shore approach design including upheavel buckling studies,
  • Carry out Riser design,
  • Pipeline Installation studies to optimize required offshore spread.
  • Estimate project cost including materials, transportation and Installation.

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